Page 6 - MidWeek - August 3, 2022
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    Vigilant In Preserving The Scholarship Spirit
  Dear Darah,
As a former re- cipient of the Hui Maka‘ala Scholarship, I am forever grateful for the opportunity it gave me to pursue my dream of becom- ing a nurse. Now that I am volunteering as a co-chair for the 51st annual Schol- arship Luncheon & Fashion Show, I realize how much work goes into making the event successful and am filled with gratitude for all the dedicated volunteers and the support of the communi- ty with their donations and attendance year after year. Hui Maka‘ala means ever alert, vigilant and watchful,
and for over 75 years, it has done just that with its mission by perpetuating and sharing the Okinawan culture and the Uchinaanchuu spirit with the Hawai‘i community.
going on in this world, I just wanted to humbly say maha- lo nui loa to the father and son who paid for my things tonight at the Mā‘ili 7-Elev- en when my card had been declined. I truly appreciate it more so for the sole pur- pose that the milk was for my 1-year-old grandson. May blessings in abundance fill your home as well as your ‘ohana for your kindness.
Luvlee Wong Mā‘ili
I am a firm believer in receiving the positive en- ergy you put out into the universe and I am sure blessings will come to this family. It’s always a won-
derful example when a par- ent can demonstrate giving in front of their children and I’ m sure this father is raising his son to be a kind and generous individual.
Is there someone you’d like to thank? Mail letters to MidWeek c/o Mahalo Nui at 500 Ala Moana Blvd. Ste. 7-500, Honolulu HI 96813, or email mahalonuiwithda- Include your name, where on the island you reside, phone number and, if possible, the phone number of the person you’ re thanking so she can contact him or her. Darah Dung hosts “The Pet Hui” and “Island Driver,” both on Spectrum OC16.
  Over the years, Hui Ma- ka‘ala has awarded schol- arships to hundreds of stu- dents who are interested in the Okinawan culture and seeking higher education. The major fundraising event is at the annual Hui Maka‘ala Fashion Show, which will be held Aug. 7 at Hilton Hawai- ian Village. I am thankful to the Hui Maka‘ala members who continue to volunteer and give their time to make this event successful. I be-
lieve Hui Maka‘ala has been successful and has lasted this long because of everyone helping and working togeth- er. Ippee Nifee Deebiru!
Jane Tamanaha Lee Mānoa
Hui Maka‘ala adviser Karen Shishido says, “I am just so proud to echo Jane Tamanaha Lee’s thank you to all attendees, vol-
unteers and supporters of this year’s Hui Maka‘ala Scholarship Luncheon. We are so proud of Jane’s vol- unteerism as she was a for- mer scholarship recipient and, by chairing the fashion show, is giving back to the organization upon pursu- ing her dream of becoming a nurse.”
Dear Darah,
With so much negativity
Dear Luvlee,
Hui Maka‘ala means ever alert, vigilant and watchful, and for over 75 years, it has done just that with its mission by perpetuating and sharing Okinawan culture.
 Dear Jane,
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