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    It took seven years of de- velopment, two attempts to launch, three years of operation and one pandemic for Chambers Escape Games to get to where it is today, but we can proudly say that we have that experience to show for our efforts. Chambers is currently the highest-rated escape room and general at- traction in Hawai‘i – with a 5.0 star average rating from over 1,000 reviews on Goo- gle, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook.
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BY RON BRONSTEIN, founder and co-owner, Chambers Escape Games
More Than A Typical Escape Room
periences. Our live-action es- cape room is what’s known in the industry as a third genera- tion escape room — current- ly, the only one in Hawai‘i — with a detailed theme and set design, high-tech puzzles and special effects, and intricate gameplay that creates a cine- matic experience for players.
who currently provide them in Hawai‘i — that use advanced free-roam and room-scale technology. It allows play- ers to play in the same vir- tual and physical space for a highly immersive and realistic game experience. These are hugely popular, as they com- bine high-end graphics and environmental realism with full, untethered mobility and multiplayer interaction.
team-building events or just a fun adventure with friends. And, for those who have never experienced an escape room before, Chambers Es- cape Games’ friendly team of game operators will ensure you have the best time pos- sible. And hopefully, escape!
 In my view, the reason for this is simple: Our escape games are truly top-notch ex-
We also offer virtual reality escape rooms — the only ones
together immersive environ- ments, advanced technology and user-focused gameplay.
For questions or reserva- tions, call us at 808-215-9170 or book directly from our website at chambershawaii. com.
Our flagship attraction, The Temple, is celebrated by both new players and escape room enthusiasts alike, earn- ing several nominations and awards over the years for out- standing game design.
Together, our live-action and virtual reality escape rooms comprise the unique value and experience behind the Chambers brand: premium game experiences that bring
Ron Bronstein, founder and co-owner of Chambers Escape Games, gives a safety briefing to a group of adventurers before they go into the live-action escape room, The Temple. PHOTOS COURTESY CHAMBERS ESCAPE GAMES
ular with players of all ages, from keiki to kūpuna, and are perfect for family out- ings, date nights, birthdays,
Chambers Escape Games is located at 550 Halekau- wila St. in Kaka‘ako. We run games from 9:30 a.m. to midnight daily.
Our escape games are pop-
  SATURDAY AUGUST 6 9-11 am Register at or (808) 593-2808
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