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a quick, private power nap without having to nod off in the restroom or at their desks. The boxes have been compared to upright tanning beds, Oddity Central report- ed. They offer support for the head, knees and back, even as workers stay in the stand- ing position.
1/2 days earlier, running an average of 66 miles per day. “I feel like I’m on top of the world,” Proctor said upon his arrival. “I’ve just seen the most beautiful country in the
missing two tires, the BBC reported. Police estimated he had driven more than 10 miles without the tires. Rosser was Breathalyzed at the scene, where he tested at more than twice the legal limit.
   Jim Battan, 57, of West Linn, Oregon, figured outawaytopayoffhis $110,000 backyard luxury pool. Since September 2020, Battan has hosted about 9,000 swimmers through an app called Swimply, NBC New York reported, and as a result has made $177,000.
When A Pool Host Does Swimmingly Well
Proctor ran through 12
But he had a different ex- planation for his oversight: His solicitor said he had tested positive for COVID and “his mind was cloudy. That influenced his decision to drive with two defective tires on the vehicle,” Rhys Davies said.
   Battan admits there’s more to the job than providing tow- els. He and his wife spend 12 to 14 hours a week managing bookings and doing mainte- nance.
“It’s better to sleep in a comfortable location,” noted Saeko Kawashima of Itoki, the furniture company that collaborated on the product.
pairs of shoes and consumed 9,000 calories per day.
“Cinnamon buns and scones, I’ m still not sick of it,” he said.
     “I love the income, but I generally caution people from it,” Battan said. “It takes a lot of time to learn about pool chemistry and maintenance. I look at my pool chemicals probably five to 10 times a day.”
In “Plane” View
incident” occurred and that the airline “maintains zero tolerance for this obscene and unacceptable behavior.”
This Really Socks!
On The Run
Ultra-marathoner Dave Proctor, 41, set a cross-Can- ada speed record on July 21 when he arrived in Victoria, British Columbia, the CBC reported. Proctor, of Oko- toks, Alberta, set out from St. John’s, Newfoundland, 67
Achieving his “lifelong dream” came on his sec- ond attempt; in 2018, he succumbed to a back injury after 32 days of hitting the pavement.
Rosser was banned from driving for 17 months and fined.
 But at $70 per hour for five people, it’s worth it to him. And his customers like it, too, as he has a high return rate.
More heat wave fun: Uni- versity of British Columbia researcher Alison McAfee told Metro News that when outdoor temperatures exceed about 107 degrees Fahren- heit, drone (or male) bees begin to convulse, forcing their sex organs to explode from their bodies, an event that causes them to die from shock.
They Explode?
Laurie Rosser, 42, of Gor- seinon, Wales, was stopped while driving on the M4 on June 26 because his van was
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An Unlikely Story
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   In other Weird happenings:
Kent Slaughter of Spring- field, Missouri, filed a class-action lawsuit against Bass Pro this month, alleg- ing that the outdoor equip- ment superstore is not hon- oring its lifetime guarantee on the Redhead All-Purpose Wool socks, the Springfield News-Leader reported.
 The Obscene Skies
During a flight from Detroit to Denver on June 25, an un- identified passenger was rep- rimanded by a flight attendant and other passengers after he AirDropped a sexually ex- plicit photo of himself to all the other passengers, the New York Post reported. One pas- senger, @DaddyStrange333, posted a video to TikTok doc- umenting the incident; in the video, the flight attendant asks the man, “Why are you doing that?”
Slaughter says the warran- ty influenced his decision to buy the socks, and until 2021 he was able to return them when they wore out for anoth- er pair with the same promise. However, last year, the store changed the merchandise; the new socks feature a dis- tinctive stripe design and offer only a 60-day warranty. Slaughter’s suit notes that the store’s “The last sock you’ll ever need to buy” claim is no longer true. Bass Pro didn’t comment.
“It’s pretty extreme,” McAfee said. “That’s a temperature they shouldn’t normally experience, but we were seeing drones get- ting stressed to the point of death.”
 “Just having a little fun,” he replies.
Sleeping On The Job
His fun came to an abrupt end when the flight landed and FBI agents escorted him off the plane. A Southwest Airlines spokesperson con- firmed that the “unfortunate
Japan is famously known for its culture of over- working. Rather than try to change that culture, two Japanese companies have de- veloped an upright nap pod, where workers can sneak in
She believes drones are one of the most effective in- dicators of climate change.

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