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On Feb. 3, Golden Globe nominations were announced.
to be credible. The Golden Globes are chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The HFPA is a group of journalists (about 90 from 55 countries) who report on the entertainment industry. Sounds credible, right? Besides, I don’t focus on the winners when it comes to choosing what I’ ll watch. Instead, I like to look at lists of nominations and view the ones that sound the most in- teresting first. When it comes to wins, I can’t fully trust an organization that chose Bugsy over The Silence of the Lambs, Atonement over There Will Be Blood, The
Shield over The Sopranos, and has only given one award to Game of Thrones during its entire eight-season run.
the Bong Joon-ho rabbit hole. As for the red-carpet glitz and glam, I’ m indifferent. What’s fun is printing out the list of nominations and seeing who can choose more winners: my wife or me. The winner gets to tape their list above the TV. The first time we did this, and I won, I left those unsightly sheets of pa- per up on the wall for almost the entire year. Last year, she put the hurt on me during the Oscars. Thankfully, we moved, so her list had to come down. I don’t see us moving anytime soon, so the stakes
inations now, things that I ha- ven’t seen that I feel drawn to are: The Good Lord Bird, Mi- nari and Nomadland, and I’m tempted to finally start watch- ing Killing Eve. Working off the list of nominations, I watched Judas and the Black Messiah, which I will review next week.
Another Golden Opportunity
        Though I recognize just about all of the titles and names, I’ll be honest: I’ve probably only seen a little over half of this stuff. I don’t know anyone who has seen all of it. What I’m not going to do is totally bash awards shows. They ar- en’t perfect, but they’re use- ful. Like most people, I don’t have the time or inclination to watch everything. As a con- sumer, award nominations help vet stuff for me.
To be fair, whether it be films, books or the NFL Pro Bowl, snubs occur every year. Snubs are unavoidable when there’s so much content and competition. But without awards and their nominations, I would have probably been deprived of the pleasure of watching films in recent years like Jojo Rabbit, Lady Bird, Spotlight, Parasite and I, To- nya. And if I missed Parasite, I would’ve missed The Host and Snowpiercer because I wouldn’t have gone down
A part of me feels guilty about frequently using award nominations as a road map of what to watch because I don’t like that indie distribution is so dependent on awards. I also feel like I’ m narrowing my viewing options. It’s cer- tainly not a perfect methodol- ogy. But at the end of the day,
Jodie Comer has been nominated for a Golden Globe award for her work in the drama series Killing Eve.
it’s a very convenient one. The 78th Golden Globe Awards will air on Sunday,
However, it’s important to know who exactly is do- ing the vetting for any list
are high this year.
Looking at the list of nom-
Feb. 28, on NBC.
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