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 22 MIDWEEK AUGUST 3, 2022
       RELEASE DATE—Sunday, July 31, 2022 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, July 31, 2022
The cosmos gets us thinking more practically and carefully this week. Good! Let’s focus on what is really important and take it to the next big step.
Finances figure prominently in your immediate plans, Leo. So if you are currently carefully counting your pennies, that is great! If you have been splurging a little too much, take some time to reconsider your purchases and save a little more. Great advancements can be made to solidify your finances so you can soon shop, shop, shop!
There is a wonderful aura around you, Virgo that draws people into your orbit. That is because you exude wisdom, emitting the vibes of someone who really knows what they are talking about. Use your profound pres- ence to meet as many new and important people as possible. Your ability to sway the crowd is impressive.
Secrets may be spilt this week, Libra. But these are secrets that need to be shared and scattered. Times are changing and any foggy situation suddenly becomes clear. Practical steps can be taken to restore balance and harmony in any area of your life where you need more stability. Then nothing will hold you back from success.
Scorpios benefit from getting more involved in organizations and efforts that bring them into larger social circles. If you have been feeling a little isolated or even feeling like you are in a rut, it is a great time to expand and deepen friendships and partnerships. Allow yourself to flourish in a fertile environment. You will bloom.
Any professional opportunity offered to you now leads to even bigger opportunities later. Sagittarians who might have been feeling at a pro- fession crossroad should think more practically and focus on the bigger, long term picture. This may require a pivot or a change in direction. But sometimes the detour is the fastest route.
Capricorns are very adept at learning new things that feed their curious minds. Reach out and expand your knowledge in whatever field currently captures your imagination — whether philosophical, artistic, technical or vocational. Your ability to grasp new ideas through lessons is sharp in whatever subject you decide to pursue.
This can be a time of deep emotion and big reactions. Aquarians can sometimes be overly careful in how they express themselves but now, as your heart sings or as you see something profoundly moving, your ability to go with the emotional flow seems to come more naturally and comfortably. Great! Maximize this new talent.
Certain relationships are based on commonality and others on differ- ences. Whoever gives you greater balance and harmony will be the best partner for you in this moment in time. See what you really need in others, Pisces, and you will have no problem finding the right person for the role. Two (or more) becomes a powerhouse.
If you have ever thought about what next steps would be best for you, healthwise, this is a good time to ponder the possibilities. Aries have great get-up-and-go. Now you not only have ample reserves of energy, you also have a much better idea of what will have the greatest benefit and impact. Go forward and conquer.
Fun is the name of the game, Taurus. Your sharp mind is filled with amazing ideas as you find new and creative ways to make every one of your experiences a masterpiece. What inspires you? Find your muse and take your talents to the pinnacle of success. You may also spark a romance along the way as your heart takes flight.
Family becomes more of a focus for you Gemini. So while you figure out how to maximize every encounter, also think of new ways to connect. The result will be very positive as you cement relationships and bridge any lapses in communication. You also find ways of expanding your physical living space in creative ways.
Cancers are often cautious in sharing their opinions but now you are not only able to communicate effectively, you can add to your considerable knowledge base in almost any subject. Gather the facts and take your revised ideas to a greater audience. You never know who you influence and count on as a future supporter.
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Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis Answers are in the classifieds Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis
92 Actress Merrill
128 Facility
16 First lady after
56 Name on four 91
Volleyball court
92 Actress Merrill 94 Old-school
128 Facility 129 Declines
16 First lady after Bess
56 Name on four 91 British art
Volleyball court divider
94 Old-school 95 Hooting bird
129 Declines
130 Yang counterpart
Bess 17 Signs
British art
galleries 93
divider Electrically
95 Hooting bird 96 Tiny garden
130 Yang counterpart 131 Give some
17 Signs
18 Uses for a fee
galleries 93 58 Use a surgical
Electrically flexible
96 Tiny garden planting
131 Give some space
18 Uses for a fee 21 Guitar Hero
58 Use a surgical
beam 97
flexible Economy
1 Wild hog 1 Wild hog
98 Attic pests 100 Exploit
132 Deliver by parachute
60 Idyllic spots 60 Idyllic spots
99 99
5 Latish lunch hr. 5 Latish lunch hr.
100 Exploit 101 Uneven do
24 Native 24 Native
64 Battlefield board 64 Battlefield board
101 101 103 103
Brews Continental Continental travel pass travel pass Snowman in Snowman in “Frozen” “Frozen” Chops up Chops up “Straight Outta “Straight Outta Compton” actor Compton” actor __ Jackson Jr. __ Jackson Jr. Bruins legend Bruins legend Cam
10 Place for “me 10 Place for “me
101 Uneven do 102 Show about a
Nebraskan Nebraskan
game game 66 Elude 66 Elude
time” time”
102 Show about a red sock, a blue
1 Former wrestling 1 Former wrestling
30 Baton 30 Baton
68 Copied 68 Copied
13 Inflame with love 13 Inflame with love
red sock, a blue sock, and the
star __ Brazil star __ Brazil
31 Heads of 31 Heads of
104 69 Makeup mishap 104
19 Atlanta Hawks 19 Atlanta Hawks arena until 1997
sock, and the love they found
2 Muscat’s 2 Muscat’s sultanate sultanate
cabbage, for cabbage, for
69 Makeup mishap
arena until 1997 20 Cause of in-flight
love they found in the dryer?
short? short?
70 Shape hidden in 70 Shape hidden in
105 105 106 106
107 107
109 109 110 110
113 113
20 Cause of in-flight turbulence
in the dryer? One-word
3 Writers Patchett 3 Writers Patchett
32 Celestial event 32 Celestial event
the FedEx logo the FedEx logo
turbulence 22 “__ Bovary”
105 One-word
and Brashares and Brashares
33 Come from 33 Come from
71 Fauvist painter 71 Fauvist painter
22 “__ Bovary” 23 Show about
warning warning
4 Goes it alone 4 Goes it alone
behind behind
Dufy Dufy
23 Show about monks who form
108 Black shade 108 Black shade
5 Dolt 5 Dolt
35 The Shins’ 35 The Shins’
72 Key holder 72 Key holder
monks who form 111 Loses
a rock group? a rock group?
enthusiasm enthusiasm
7 Make a typo, 7 Make a typo,
37 Not fancy 37 Not fancy
inflection inflection
On edge
On edge “Chicago Hope” “Chicago Hope” Emmy winner Emmy winner Wrinkle
Wrinkle remover remover Faculty head Faculty head Perjurer Perjurer
“In that case ... ” “In that case ... ” [The light’s
[The light’s green!]
Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids college
Blast letters Blast letters
Bro or sis
Bro or sis Tribute in verse Tribute in verse
25 Show about 25 Show about
112 “Ooh! There!” 112 “Ooh! There!”
say say
38 Double-click, 38 Double-click,
74 November 74 November
Alfred E. Alfred E.
114 Zenith’s opposite 114 Zenith’s opposite
8 HMO alternative 8 HMO alternative
say say
meteor shower meteor shower
Neuman and Neuman and
116 Go off-script 116 Go off-script
9 May honoree 9 May honoree
39 Cold War letters 39 Cold War letters
75 __ Tuesday 75 __ Tuesday 80 Silent assent
company? company?
120 Show about 120 Show about a school pep
10 Distort, as data 10 Distort, as data
40 Beach bottle 40 Beach bottle
80 Silent assent 82 Spanish citrus 82 Spanish citrus
26 Start 26 Start
a school pep squad?
11 Danger 11 Danger
letters letters
fruit fruit
27 Comedian 27 Comedian
squad? 121 Show about
12 Utterly lost 12 Utterly lost
42 Attempt 42 Attempt
115 84 Discombobulated 117 84 Discombobulated 117
Mandel Mandel
121 Show about Quaker Oats,
13 Name that 13 Name that
46 Wonderland 46 Wonderland
85 Fitbit unit 85 Fitbit unit 86 Asian lake
118 118 119 119
28 Consecrate 28 Consecrate
Quaker Oats, Mikey, and the
means “God is means “God is
cake message cake message
29 Charming 29 Charming
Mikey, and the partnership that
with us” with us”
47 Punk offshoot 47 Punk offshoot
86 Asian lake memorialized by
person? person?
partnership that changed cereal
14 Flatbread 14 Flatbread
48 Ascended 48 Ascended
memorialized by UNESCO
122 122
34 “Who here hath 34 “Who here hath
changed cereal forever?
served with served with
49 Passed out 49 Passed out
UNESCO 87 Pledge drive 87 Pledge drive
__ these two __ these two
forever? Sniggler’s trap
tandoori chicken tandoori chicken
50 Nile vipers 50 Nile vipers 52 __ wrench 52 __ wrench
days buried”: days buried”:
126 Sniggler’s trap
15 Bells and 15 Bells and
freebie freebie
123 123
“Romeo and “Romeo and
127 Network 127 Network
whistles whistles
54 Sports page 54 Sports page
89 Volcanic debris 89 Volcanic debris
124 124
Juliet” Juliet”
announcement announcement
news news
90 Is affected by 90 Is affected by
125 125
36 “Queer Eye” 36 “Queer Eye”
planting 98 Attic pests
space 132 Deliver by
21 Guitar Hero combinations combinations
beam 97
Economy Earth-friendly Earth-friendly prefix
6 Tip for a writer 6 Tip for a writer
genre genre
73 Southern 73 Southern
    grooming expert grooming expert
Jonathan Van __ Jonathan Van __
37 Show about 37 Show about
some St. Louis some St. Louis
sluggers and sluggers and
their fixer-upper? their fixer-upper?
41 “Fiddlesticks!” 41 “Fiddlesticks!”
43 Lhasa __ 43 Lhasa __
44 Tea party 44 Tea party
attendee attendee
45 Highway 45 Highway
scofflaw scofflaw
48 Old dietary std. 48 Old dietary std.
51 Physicist Nikola 51 Physicist Nikola
53 Delta deposit 53 Delta deposit
55 Show about 55 Show about
a mom-and- a mom-and-
pop neckwear pop neckwear
bubsuisnienses?s? 5757SSigingnupup
5959CCereermemoonniaial pl pileile 6161CClolgogfrforonnt t 6262LeLtetettresrsoof f
urugregnecnycy 6363GGalal
6565NNBBAA CComommisisisoionneer r SSilvilevrer
6767MMutuetdedcocololorsrs 7070SShohwowaabboouut t mmugugshshoot t
phpohtotgograrapphhy?y? 7575FFitnitensesscocoaachch 7676CCityityneneaar rTaTahhooee 7 7 7 7 F Fo i ol i kl i kn i n 7878CCala’sl’stwtwinin, ,ininaa
SStetienibnebeckcknnoovevel l 7979OOrtriztizofof“U“Ugglyly
BBetetytt”y” 8181SStotroargaegetotowweer r 8383PPatastsgegenntlytly 888SShohwowaabboouut taa
vivlliallgaegeaanndditsits mmouonutnataininliolionn prporbolbelmem??
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