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            I Ron Nagasawa 2.0
Are you ready for large social gatherings again?
     have a confession to make. I think I’ve been watching way too much YouTube. It’s a conscious decision, as I have exhausted all other avenues of television
entertainment. First of all, sorry, but broadcast TV has nothing that I really want to watch except maybe local programming.
Cable with its endless channels has maybe a handful that I’m interested in — mostly local and educational chan- nels — but my wife is a loyal viewer. Thanks to smart TVs, I now subscribe to several streaming channels. The problem now is that I dish out a small fortune for monthly subscriptions.
Punchbowl, Doctor
“Right now, I’m still not comfortable. I want to protect my household, especially my grandma and mom. But if it was just me at home, I think I would be OK.”
Mānoa, Preschool Teacher
“In my mind I’m ready, but I don’t doubt there might be some stress with it.”
Pālolo, Legal Messenger
“Yes, definitely. I miss it. If everyone is cautious then it should be fine.”
Waikīkī, Self-employed
“No. I’m kind of enjoying the peace and quiet.”
It’s interesting how YouTube works, as it sends you program suggestions based on what you watch. It sends you quite a bit of “click bait” in an effort to get you just to preview something. That quick peek can end up hav- ing YouTube send you all kinds of stuff that you really don’t want or don’t want your family to know that you’ve looked at it.
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      Alice Inoue
 TDon’t Be A Sleep Rebel
here’s a phenomenon that I’ve noticed. Most people know they need a full night’s rest to feel their best the following day, yet many
 finish the day’s “must do’s,” and instead of going to sleep, get caught up in mindless channel surfing or social media scrolling, even if they need to get up early.
 If you relate, you’ll be happy to know there’s a name for it. It’s called, “Bedtime Procrastination Revenge.” It happens when you don’t get what you need because you’ve been focusing on what every- one else needs. This makes you “rebel” against sleep because you need some self-time. The solution? More self-care and more self-love.
For instance, I was looking for something that might help me get rid of some shoulder pain I’ve been having. The next thing I know, I’m getting all these joint cracking videos featuring attractive models. Now, I can’t watch You- Tube while my wife and daughter are in the room for fear that these will pop up and I’ll be judged and sentenced to watching The Golden Girls reruns.
    So, I’ve tried to dial into self-improvement videos for which there are billions of YouTube offerings. One in par- ticular resonated with me, so I gave it a try. It was about re-wiring your brain to get you out of your monotonous daily routines. The video said to change from doing things with your dominant hand to using your other hand.
I’m right-handed so I figured I’d give it a go and use my left hand for everything. I woke up the next morning and tried to brush my teeth using my left hand. It felt very weird and was like learning to brush my teeth for the first time. It took everything I had to resist switching back to my right hand.
Next up was shaving. I should have called Blood Bank of Hawai‘i first to see if they carried my blood type. I must have nicked and cut myself so many times that I had at least 10 little pieces of toilet paper stuck to my face to blot and stop the bleeding.
My wife was tempted to call 911, but when I explained what I was doing she felt the embarrassment wasn’t worth life-saving measures.

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