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       RELEASE DATE—Sunday, February 28, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, February 28, 2021
Do you find yourself becoming more dreamy and intuitive this week? If so, let your imagination roam and see what new discoveries it reveals!
With all of the interest in the stock market, it is no wonder that your imagination has been piqued and your desire to increase your savings is a top priority. Aquarians seem to have a gut feeling about finances. If so, you might find new ways to solidify your stability. But don’t over-invest and risk too much.
Prepare to make your big move, Pisces. The past few months have been productive, but perhaps a bit restrictive. You now gain a sense of freedom, liberation and enlightenment. Go with the cosmic flow and see who swims into your life. Projects you undertake today will have long-lasting impact. Make sure that those in power are there to help you along.
Aries not only conjure up the most fantastic daydreams, but they also seem to have an especially acute sense of destiny. What is your gut telling you? What secrets will you discover? There are opportunities for charitable enter- prises and doing good deeds that can bring greater harmony and happiness to those around you. Pay it forward now. Cash in later.
If you’ve been feeling a bit isolated or cramped in your social life during the pandemic, you may now feel more at ease. Taureans find new ways to bring folks together and safely socialize. Your circle of friends widens, and your connections start to spark and light up. Try not to focus on the where and what. But get going on the who, when and how.
While you have been working especially hard, it is now time to take some well-deserved psychic rest. Let your mind wander and stretch, Gemini. You can become more efficient and nimble. You might also see new opportuni- ties that might not have been seen before. Your intuition is sharp and might reveal a new successful path.
Try to find diversions and undiscovered interests to spice up your life. The world begins to open up in new ways, and people from around the world suddenly connect, Cancer. There are options for travel and adventure with- out leaving home. Expand your world any way you can now as you prepare for a time when your feet hit new ground later.
Lusty Leos are full of extra amour and may just find it now. You seem to be especially romantic and dreamy, and will find new ways to woo your soul mate. If you are on the prowl, you will find new avenues to safely meet. The secret will be in your presentation. Will you be a roaring or purring lion?
If there are certain relationships that are feeling greater stress, now is a great time to soothe and calm. Virgos understand that these are stressful times and will find the best way to make others feel wanted and appreciated. But it shouldn’t be a one-way street. Relationships need give and take. Be sure that you get what you need as well.
If you are getting a little tired of the day-to-day routine, now is a good time to sweep away the dust. Libras need beauty and harmony in their lives. You achieve that with a bit of imagination and flair. Also, find ways to upgrade your diet and health regimens. You’ll accomplish much more.
Scorpios can finally relax, kick their feet up and just have fun. What you decide to do depends on how imaginative you can be. Will you try some- thing artistic or take some calculated risks in small-end gambling or rev up a romance? Whatever gets your mind off of any stressful situation and into something jolly will have beneficial results.
Your home life may seem especially pleasant and calming right now, Sagittarius. Any rough patches seem smoother and the stress levels may be a bit lower. Maybe it’s because you are looking at situations in a new, more optimistic light? Whatever gets you to a new mindset regarding family, home and hearth, see if you can keep the good vibes going.
Capricorns are usually careful in their speech, and now you are not only eloquent but also a bit mystical and fascinating. It could be good timing to share some of your ideas and see if they can take you in a new profitable direction. Choose your audience carefully. Concentrate and prepare. You have a few weeks to make an impressive mark on the world.
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Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Answers are in the classifieds Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
87 One way to rest 121 AOL and 87 One way to rest 121 AOL and
21 __ Lee
61 Title for Richard
86 86
89 89
Stephen King’s
88 Zugspitze, e.g.
21 __ Lee
27 Saw things
61 Title for Richard Starkey
Stephen King’s role as the
88 Zugspitze, e.g. 90 With full force
Comcast 122 “Beau __”
27 Saw things
28 Bonnie with 10
62 Montana motto
role as the minister in “Pet
90 With full force 91 Senate staffers
122 “Beau __” 123 Moms in a
28 Bonnie with 10 Grammys
62 Montana motto metal
minister in “Pet Sematary,” e.g.
91 Senate staffers 92 Pioneering TV
123 Moms in a glade
Grammys 29 Luxury watch
64 Email option
Sematary,” e.g. Would rather
1 Short-legged 1 Short-legged
92 Pioneering TV brand
29 Luxury watch 32 Jamaica’s
32 Jamaica’s
64 Email option 65 Professional 65 Professional
Would rather have
Support Support Sweet-smelling Sweet-smelling pouch
hopper hopper
93 One covering
Ocho __ Ocho __
charges 94 charges 94
5 Untidy types 5 Untidy types
93 One covering the bases
1 Barber’s powder 1 Barber’s powder
34 Bud, for one 34 Bud, for one
66 Piazza de 66 Piazza de Ferrari city
96 96
10 25% of doce 10 25% of doce
the bases 95 Online notes
2 Lunch box 2 Lunch box
35 __ wear 35 __ wear
Ferrari city 67 God with a 67 God with a
Hold fast
Hold fast Unmoving Unmoving
Give up
Give up
Places to put Places to put coins
Enduring Enduring legends legends
It ends with the It ends with the burial of Hector burial of Hector Last movement Last movement of Beethoven’s of Beethoven’s “Waldstein” “Waldstein” Sonata, e.g. Sonata, e.g. Come to terms Come to terms Santa Anita Santa Anita numbers numbers 86-Down, for 86-Down, for one
Connect, in a Connect, in a way, with “in” way, with “in” RSVP
RSVP convenience convenience Strong desires Strong desires MLB stat
MLB stat
14 Period 14 Period
95 Online notes 96 Symbolic uncle
treats treats
38 Immortal army 38 Immortal army
97 97 99 99
18 River in Tuscany 18 River in Tuscany
96 Symbolic uncle 98 The other way
3 Set aside 3 Set aside
leader leader 39 Draped
hammer hammer
19 Tiny island 19 Tiny island
98 The other way around
4 Lorna of Brit Lit 4 Lorna of Brit Lit
39 Draped garments garments
68 Redder, 68 Redder, perhaps
100 100 101 101
nation near the nation near the
102 Port alternative
5 Peloponnesian 5 Peloponnesian
69 Computer that
equator equator
102 Port alternative 106 Bar accessory
city-state city-state
40 Sub alternative 40 Sub alternative
69 Computer that was retired in was retired in
20 Slew 20 Slew
106 Bar accessory 108 Commonsense
6 Many a 6 Many a
41 Image in 41 Image in
102 102
103 103
104 104
105 105 106 106
107 107
109 109
110 110
21 Mom-and-pop 21 Mom-and-pop
108 Commonsense approach
Grisham hero Grisham hero
a religious a religious
1955 1955
business business
approach to behavior
7 Prayer opening 7 Prayer opening 8 Whip up a cake
painting painting
70 Topping 70 Topping
22 Fallon 22 Fallon
to behavior analysis
42 Foil alternative 42 Foil alternative
for chicken for chicken enchiladas enchiladas
predecessor predecessor
analysis 112 Showed the
8 Whip up a cake 9 Bird feeder cake
43 Pack animal 43 Pack animal 44 Starting point
23 Became aware 23 Became aware
112 Showed the courage
9 Bird feeder cake 10 Heist figure
44 Starting point 45 Colgate rival 45 Colgate rival
73 Quite dry 73 Quite dry
of, with “to” of, with “to”
courage 113 Credit union
10 Heist figure 11 Be empathetic
74 Half of a dinner 74 Half of a dinner
24 Victor’s wife in 24 Victor’s wife in
113 Credit union seizure
11 Be empathetic 12 NBA’s __
47 Moving around 47 Moving around
pairing pairing
“Casablanca” “Casablanca”
seizure 114 Carpenter’s
12 NBA’s __ Conference
49 1964 Civil Rts. 49 1964 Civil Rts. Act creation
75 Poaching 75 Poaching targets
25 Cobbler fruit 25 Cobbler fruit
114 Carpenter’s machine
Conference 13 Cruise ship
Act creation 50 “Return of the 50 “Return of the
targets 78 Cartoon 78 Cartoon
26 Summer 26 Summer
machine 115 Concerning
13 Cruise ship feature
29 Emotive 29 Emotive
Grammy winner Grammy winner
15 Start celebrating 16 1968 album
79 With no 79 With no changes
speaker speaker
117 Champagne 117 Champagne
16 1968 album containing “The
53 __ Lama 53 __ Lama
changes 80 Key letter 80 Key letter
30 Fell in pellets 30 Fell in pellets
spec spec
containing “The Motorcycle
57 “The 57 “The
31 Result 31 Result
118 One who shows 118 One who shows
Motorcycle Song”
Honeymooners” Honeymooners”
82 Do a garden 82 Do a garden
33 Musician’s gift 33 Musician’s gift
the way the way
surname surname
chore chore
34 Fitness ratio: 34 Fitness ratio:
119 Yemeni city 119 Yemeni city
17 At no time, in 17 At no time, in
60 Popular long 60 Popular long
83 Czech or Serb 83 Czech or Serb
111 111
Abbr. Abbr.
120 Leave in 120 Leave in
old times old times
shot shot
85 Inuit craft 85 Inuit craft
113 113
115 Concerning 116 “Let Me Ride”
14 Mar. honoree
cottage, perhaps
cottage, perhaps 116 “Let Me Ride”
14 Mar. honoree 15 Start celebrating
Jedi” beings Jedi” beings 51 MYOB word 51 MYOB word
explosion sound explosion sound
36 Lake south of 36 Lake south of
    London London
37 Have something 37 Have something
40 Oklahoma’s top 40 Oklahoma’s top
crop crop
44 Handle 44 Handle
46 Dairy-based 46 Dairy-based
quaff quaff
47 Phobia lead-in 47 Phobia lead-in
48 Prior conviction, 48 Prior conviction,
e.g. e.g.
52 One of the ones 52 One of the ones
that “say so that “say so
much,” in an much,” in an
Elton John hit Elton John hit
54 Brewpub 54 Brewpub
choices choices
55 Pitchers that 55 Pitchers that
can’t throw? can’t throw?
5656PPeaecahcyh-yk-ekeenn 5858CCoroornoanaryry
chcahmambbeersrs 5959NNamameeoof fththee
RRavaevnesn’sm’ maascsocot t 6060PProrgorgarammmeer’rs’s
p r p o r b o l b e l me m , ,
peprehrahpapss 6161DDrinriknikninggnnooisiese 6 36 3 F Fa ca ec be ob o o ok k c oc ou un nt t 6464IbIebreiarinan
lalnadnmdmaarkrkththaat’st’s ananinisnusuraranncece cocmompapannyylologgoo
6868PPutubt abcakcktotozezeroro 7171VVilliallianionouusslolookk 7272HHalaflaf aggaammeefisfihsh 7373RReveevreerenncece 7676UUnfnitftiitntingg 777DDusuks,k,ppooeetictiacallylly 7878NNototrtereaatintingg
ninciecleyly 8080FFususbsubuddggeet t 8181SSomomeefofortrt
cocmompoponneenntsts 8484PPeresrosnonaal el exaxamm??
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