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Parfait lives in Mililani Mauka.
She was in MidWeek back in September 2015. Now 15 years old, she is super sweet.
‘Central O‘ahu Voice’ is accepting photos of your furry (or scaly or feathered) friend for its Pet of the Week feature. Send your photo to and be sure to include your pet’s name, age, the area of Central O‘ahu you live in and any fun fact you’d like to share with readers.
If you’ve had COVID-19, your blood can save lives.
Your lifesaving antibodies can help others who are suffering from this virus. Donate today and save $25 on groceries by calling (808) 848-4706 or email
Living with pain is not living.
At Mililani Pain Center, we specialize in treating acute and chronic pain holistically. Using only the latest and proven therapeutics, we treat
all patients according to their needs while minimizing any use of narcotic medications. We accept all forms of insurance, why suffer? Call or visit us at
For more information call 427-6637
FEBRUARY 10, 2021 5
100 Kahelu Ave, Suite 105, Mililani, Hawaii 96789

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