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       RELEASE DATE—Sunday, February 14, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, February 14, 2021
March forward this week. Our actions become more strategic and powerful as the weeks progress. Let’s figure out a plan and see where we can take it.
It feels like the stars are realigning for you, Pisces. Hidden barriers seem to fall away, and you have a sense of cosmic knowledge that gives you direction. Good. Keep mining your intuition through meditation or other mind-expanding exercises. It can also bring you closer to family and give you greater comfort in your immediate surroundings.
While friends and their powerful associations have always been an option for you, it might have been hard to convince them to take action for your benefit lately. Don’t take it personally, Aries. You might try asking for help again. Pals may be more receptive. Give it a go.
If you’ve been feeling especially stagnant lately, Taurus, chalk it up to a tem- porary lull and begin again to implement any money-making, career-ori- ented plans. The path opens up a bit and opportunities for advancement may make themselves attainable. The sky is the limit and your ability to make impressive gains are sharp.
Geminis are very social beings and so the past few months might have been especially confining. But now, anything that you can do to open your social calendar and connect globally becomes easy and fun. You shine and can understand how important personal connections are to your sense of well-being. Be a force for good and feel better.
See how easy it is to turn up the romantic heat, Cancer? It comes so naturally to you! Check out your long list of admirers and a few secretive persons of interest. Then ramp up your sexiest vibes now as life can become very interesting and delightful. There is something about you that is irresistible.
Any relationship conflict seems to disappear as the week progresses, Leo. Somehow you find a way to break through and reach a compromise or,
if you are especially adept, a solution that really benefits you alone. It is advisable to be generous with others and plant seeds for future cooperation. You never know when you will need that boost.
Even if you don’t realize it at this time, you are highly connected and re- spected by others. This professional power will become more evident as you focus more on the nitty-gritty details of any work project. Suddenly, you see how much others want to work with and learn from you. Use this prestige to not only help others but also build for your strong future.
Libras are not only highly creative but can also use their artistry to attract others. This powerful combination comes into the fore now as your inspira- tion soars. Mine your imagination and see how you can develop a following. You may become an internet celebrity or an influencer. See where your muse takes you and become very amusing.
Any family stress may begin to dissipate, Scorpio. It can mean that you solved the problem, or it can mean that others more fully understand what is expected of them. As soon as the dust settles, try to turn your attention to making your home surroundings more relaxing and comfortable. You can go from the emotional to the practical with ease. Spring into action.
There is probably nothing more frustrating to a Sagittarius as not being heard. And that is why this week heralds in a very satisfying time for you. You find ways of crafting your message to not only make others really listen but also to understand. So, get your personal message out and take your life to the next big step. Practice in the mirror, charmer.
While money might have been tight and future finances a source of concern, Capricorns may find that this week brings in a time of practical and workable solutions. If you can focus on what you really need, you find many workable options and directions. Do your research carefully. Then, put on your financial thinking cap and see what great ideas emerge.
This is a good time to take a full reassessment of where you are and where you want to go, Aquarius. You stand on the threshold of greatness with several possible directions. While past efforts might have hit snags, there appear to be some new, inspiring and creative opportunities available to you. What will the rest of the year bring? Only you know.
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Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Answers are in the classifieds Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
 “LOVE IS ... ” By
89 “... an act
125 Bad way to be
16 Greek “i”
57 Tamblyn of
87 “Sing it, Sam”
89 “... an act of endless
125 Bad way to be led
16 Greek “i”
17 Cake topping
57 Tamblyn of “West Side
87 “Sing it, Sam” speaker
of endless forgiveness”
126 Oakley skill
17 Cake topping 18 Childcare
“West Side Story” (1961)
speaker 88 DA’s aide
forgiveness” 92 Bleachers
126 Oakley skill 127 Model railroad
18 Childcare employee employee
Story” (1961) 59 Iowa State city 59 Iowa State city
88 DA’s aide
90 “Xanadu” rock 90 “Xanadu” rock
1 Honshu high pt. 1 Honshu high pt.
92 Bleachers critiques
127 Model railroad scale
19 Place to putt 19 Place to putt
63 Monastery VIP gp. 63 Monastery VIP gp.
7 King of Maine 7 King of Maine
93 First U.S. space
128 Ideal partner
25 Top medal 25 Top medal
64 Sign of a slow 64 Sign of a slow
91 Suffix with 91 Suffix with
14 Alpine Olympics 14 Alpine Olympics
93 First U.S. space 128 Ideal partner
event event
94 Court 94 Court
130 Password 130 Password
high high
66 Honey and 66 Honey and
Catholic 92 Jargon 92 Jargon
20 Playground 20 Playground
conference the conference the
partner partner
32 Way more cool 32 Way more cool
Sugar Sugar
67 80-pound 67 80-pound
95 Very small role 95 Very small role 98 Starring role
98 Starring role
99 Ad astra per __: 99 Ad astra per __:
denial denial
jury doesn’t jury doesn’t
33 “By Jove!” 33 “By Jove!”
21 Former SAG 21 Former SAG
hear hear
34 Bonnie Blue’s 34 Bonnie Blue’s
concert concert
president Gilbert president Gilbert
96 Bay State sch. 96 Bay State sch.
1 Yoga needs 1 Yoga needs
dad dad
instruments instruments
Kansas motto
22 Like many 22 Like many
97 Source of 97 Source of
2 Cafeteria 2 Cafeteria
36 Place to have a 36 Place to have a
68 Turkic native 68 Turkic native 69 Like winds in 69 Like winds in
Kansas motto 102 Phased-
garages garages 23 Discipline
emergency light emergency light
convenience convenience
meal meal
102 Phased- out Apple out Apple
23 Discipline involving slow
100 Tats 100 Tats
3 Sinn __ 3 Sinn __
38 Queen of the 38 Queen of the Nile, familiarly
storms storms
71 Gambler’s 71 Gambler’s
messaging tool
involving slow movement
101 Used for a tryst 101 Used for a tryst
4 Auntie’s hubby 4 Auntie’s hubby 5 “... a flower, you
Nile, familiarly 39 Campus mil. 39 Campus mil.
messaging tool 103 Wade noisily 103 Wade noisily
24 “... the beauty of
102 AOL, e.g. 102 AOL, e.g.
5 “... a flower, you got to let it grow”
calculation calculation 72 Raoul Dufy,
104 Florence’s __ 104 Florence’s __ Vecchio
24 “... the beauty of 105 Makes stuff up
the soul” 106 Elite tactical the soul” 106 Elite tactical
6 Rock memoir 7 Texting format,
40 Screenwriter 40 Screenwriter
107 Pixar title robot 108 Wood shapers 108 Wood shapers 109 Half-serious 109 Half-serious
26 Equivalent wd. units 26 Equivalent wd. units
7 Texting format, briefly
James James
73 Silly goose 73 Silly goose 76 Continental 76 Continental travel pass travel pass 80 “... the truth 80 “... the truth
27 22.5 deg. 110 Congeal 27 22.5 deg. 110 Congeal
8 Perforated orb
43 Horn of Africa 43 Horn of Africa
29 Spam-spreading 112
29 Spam-spreading 112 Pitch-raising
program guitar device program guitar device
holding leaves 9 “Cats” poet
44 Pirate’s cry 44 Pirate’s cry
sequence? 111 Spanish bull 111 Spanish bull
30 Games gp. that 114 Payroll service 30 Games gp. that 114 Payroll service
9 “Cats” poet 10 Spotted horse
47 “Burnt” pigment 47 “Burnt” pigment
more first than more first than sun, more last sun, more last
113 Final notice 113 Final notice 116 Sightseeing trip 116 Sightseeing trip 117 Christmas trio 117 Christmas trio 118 Fingered
added a “P” to co. added a “P” to co.
10 Spotted horse 11 Post-WWII pres.
48 Oregon’s 48 Oregon’s
its initials in 2019 115 Agnus __ its initials in 2019 115 Agnus __
11 Post-WWII pres. 12 Genesis twin
highest point highest point
than star” than star”
31 Frank behind a 31 Frank behind a
116 Response to
bookcase bookcase 32 Colosseum
Response to
12 Genesis twin 13 Whale-watching
50 Absorb in class 50 Absorb in class
83 Limelight 83 Limelight 84 Salon cuts
118 Fingered
120 Operated 120 Operated 121 Back at sea 121 Back at sea 122 Hall of Famer 122 Hall of Famer
32 Colosseum
119 “... eternal, 119 “... eternal,
52 Kid’s assertion 52 Kid’s assertion
warrior warrior
infinite ... equal infinite ... equal
14 Wouldn’t go 14 Wouldn’t go
54 Road to the 54 Road to the
master, perhaps master, perhaps
35 Sommer of 35 Sommer of
and pure” and pure”
back on back on
Forum Forum
86 Line above the 86 Line above the
Young et al. Young et al.
cinema cinema
123 Hostile advance 123 Hostile advance
15 Elec. units 15 Elec. units
56 Goof or gaffe 56 Goof or gaffe
equator: Abbr. equator: Abbr.
124 Issa of “Insecure” 124 Issa of “Insecure”
37 Literally, the sci. 37 Literally, the sci.
station station
129 Swears to
Makes stuff up
got to let it grow” 6 Rock memoir
unit unit
72 Raoul Dufy, stylistically stylistically
107 Pixar title robot
8 Perforated orb holding leaves
country: Abbr. country: Abbr.
overhearing? overhearing?
13 Whale-watching woe
51 “... __ to come” 51 “... __ to come”
84 Salon cuts
85 Warned one’s 85 Warned one’s
Swears to
28 Orders from on 28 Orders from on
leak leak
    of women of women
38 Origami bird 38 Origami bird
41 Manhattan, e.g.: 41 Manhattan, e.g.:
Abbr. Abbr.
42 Progress 42 Progress
45 Airport not 45 Airport not
far from the far from the
Common Common
46 Native 46 Native
ceremonial pipe ceremonial pipe
49 Emphatic type 49 Emphatic type
53 Forever, with 53 Forever, with
“an” “an”
55 “... a fruit in 55 “... a fruit in
season at all season at all
times” times”
58 Leopardlike cats 58 Leopardlike cats
5959ToTuocuhch 6060GGeremrmaanncocoaal l
vavlalellyey 6161AAutuhtohrorRRaanndd 6262SSufufifxfixwwithithsasaltlt 6363“Y“eYse!s”!” 6464MMede.d.ooffifcfiecetitlietless 6565WWWI IBBeelglgiaiann
babtatltetlesisteite 6767VVereyrybibgig
7070“.“...a. nanirrireresisitsibtiblele dedseisreiretotobbee
dedseisreirded” ” 7474InInenre:r:PPreref.f. 7575SSkykyblbuluee 777AAuduidoiouunnitsit:s:
AAbbrb.r. 7878WWorodrdwwithithcucut toor r
pipnin 7979DDripripipningg___ 8181TTDDscsocorerersrs 8282HHigihghstsytlyele 8484DDisihshpuput taawwaayy
wwithithaaspspooonn 8585TwTwo-oy-eyeaar r
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