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    TIn For A Treat With This Sweet Project
his week, there are some fun days to show You can have a lot you care. The first celebration is Feb. 17, of fun coming up which is Random Acts of Kindness Day. A with designs for
Wit ears For ang elo sma ligh and ears fold stra
• 1 2.55-inch plastic jar (#30200501)
• 1 2 1/2-by-11-inch or 2 1/2-by-12-inch cardstock, for jar wrap-around
• 1 4-by-4-inch cardstock, for jar top
• 2 2-by-5 1/2-inch card- stock, for dog/bunny ears • 2 1 1/2-by-5-inch light pink or beige cardstock, for inner ears
• 1 2 1/2-by-2 1/2-inch cardstock, for ears
• 2 2-by-2-inch light pink cardstock, for inner cat ears
• 1 1-by-2-inch white cardstock, for eyes
• 1 1-by-1-inch pink or
black cardstock, for nose • cardstock scraps for stripes, spots, whiskers, etc.
• ribbons, flowers, etc. for additional embellish- ments
• 1/4-inch double-stick tape
• pop-up glue dots
• black marker
• dime, nickel and penny for tracing to make eyes • pen/pencil
• 1/2-inch or 1-inch circle punches, optional, instead of tracing circles • scissors
• paper trimmer
• treats to fill jars
   lot of crafters send out what we call RAKs because other pets like a
we love making things and sharing. Another day to celebrate is Saturday, Feb. 20, which is Love Your Pet Day. In honor of our pets, this week’s project is a special treat jar.
bird, fish or tur-
tle! Even if you
don’t have a pet,
you can make one
that represents your favorite animal! If you make some pet jars, share them with us at joyofcrafting@ Lastly, don’t forget to fill the jars with treats. My jars are going to humans, so I filled them with candy.
  You can recycle any type of jar you want to use. You’ll just have to adjust the measurements of the pieces. I used these simple plastic jars that I found at Ben Franklin Crafts. They come in different sizes and I used the short jar and one that is taller.
   I created some cardstock inserts for the jar and made the faces of pets inspired by my co-workers.
You can find an easy instruction sheet for this and many more projects at
Cut out a
or heart for
the nose and
tape below the eyes. Add other details like a mouth and/or whis- kers with cardstock or draw with the marker. Place the wrap inside of the empty jar.
Take the 4-by-4- 4 inch cardstock
and place down
with the wrong
side facing up.
Remove the foam
circle from inside the jar lid and center on the cardstock. Trace the circle and cut out. Place the cardstock circle into the jar lid.
Fold the 1-by-2-inch white cardstock in half. Take a dime and trace onto one side. Cut out through both thick- nesses to make two eyes.
Use the black marker to draw smaller circles on top of the white circles to complete the eyes. Place onto the cardstock strip for the wrap-around and tape in place.
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