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        HAWAI‘I’S FAVORITE MEDIA SURVEY By Yu Shing Ting What would you do if you won the lottery?
        Dog Whistle
 I t’s no secret that I absolutely love and adore our two dogs, Buddy and Wilson. I’ve run their photos and have written about them numerous times in this col-
umn. Based on MidWeek’s circulation and readership, they might be the most famous dogs in the islands.
I don’t mind playing second fiddle to those guys, as that’s kind of how it is in my house. I’m not jealous because if any- one spoils these two, I’m the worst. They’re the only ones that don’t roll their eyes when I’m talking to them, and I like that they each have their own unique personality.
‘Aiea, Social Worker
“Take care of my family and put money toward affordable housing on the island.”
Mililani, Student/Receptionist
“Pay for med school, and if there’s more, then I’d donate it.”
‘Ewa Beach, Director of Operations and Safety
“Pay off my mortgage and any debt I might have.
I would keep working, though, because I love what I do. But maybe I’d take more time off to travel and see the world.”
Kaka‘ako, Dental Assistant
“I would definitely buy a house. COVID hit us pretty hard; I was out of work for eight months.”
Buddy is our first dog, and we got him to be a companion for my mom. He has her personality, as he’s calm and inde- pendent — our little angel. Wilson, our rescue dog, is smart as a whip, protective and a total rascal.
This is how popular they are: This past Christmas they both received more presents than I did! They received gifts from our relatives, from our co-workers and even our neighbors. Our house looked like the dog toy section at Petco.
Wilson, our baby, was in heaven. His favorite thing is to play fetch with his toys, and he can do it all day long. Of all the toys he got for Christmas, he latched onto a green ball. I think that was because it had a “squeaker.”
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      Alice Inoue
 L Just Let It Go
etting go can be so hard. Whether it’s a per- son who has moved on, a wrong done to you or a mistake you have made, it’s helpful to
 identify what you’ve gained from the experience to get a sense of closure. And remember: If it was supposed to turn out differently, it would have.
 Therefore, whatever it is, whether it’s worry, re- gret, insecurity, self-depreciation, irritation, blame, awkwardness or anger, start with the intent and get comfortable with the possibility. What would it actually feel like to not live with that undesirable emotion?
    It was the most irritating sound you could ever hear, and of all the toys he could possibly play with, he would not give up this ball.
It was like someone giving your young kid a drum set for Christmas. Or thinking that buying a violin would turn them into some kind of virtuoso. The noise that ensues is enough to drive you crazy.
Wilson played with that ball day and night. And as much as I love him, I had to figure out a way to stop this train wreck of a situation. My wife and daughter sided with Wilson, but they didn’t have to deal with him engaging me to play fetch while I was trying to watch TV or read my books.
Since Wilson sleeps on our bed next to me, the final straw was after two sleepless nights. I had to figure out a way to get that ball away from him. In the early morning hours while he slept and careful not to wake him, I slowly removed the ball from between his paws and deposited it into our trash.
The next morning, I saw Wilson looking everywhere for his ball. Well, that’s when the crying started. Wilson cried nonstop and that sound is a hundred times worse than the squeaking ball.
My wife and daughter were mad that I threw his ball away. The irony is that I had to “fetch” the ball back from the trash. Kind of like the tail wagging the dog.

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