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  12 MIDWEEK FEBRUARY 17, 2021
                     Life is a blast these days for actor Reyn Doi, who
  plays the fun-loving Yoyo in the just-released Hflick “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.”
e’s just a boy, but 12-year-old it was a once-in-a-lifetime Reyn Doi of Mānoa stole the opportunity and a once-in- show with his breakout role as a-lifetime experience.”
film a couple of times be- fore it was released last Friday, and admits
he was “laughing really hard” throughout.
 Yoyo in the new film Barb and Star Go Doi was able to see the
to Vista Del Mar.
From the opening scene, where he
   rides a bicycle through a neighbor- hood delivering newspapers while belting out the lyrics to Barbra Strei- sand and Barry Gibb’s Guilty, to the very end, he’s memorable, charming and straight-up adorable, even as a villain.
Wiig and Mumolo co-star
and co-wrote the screenplay
for the movie (they also wrote Bridesmaids), which is about
two best friends who leave their small Midwestern town for the first time to go on a dream Floridian va-
   “It was so fun,” he says. “I had a blast. Being able to work with Kris- ten Wiig and Annie Mumolo and other different actors ... I feel that
cation filled with adventure, romance and, of course, an
          evil villain who wants to kill everyone.
       It was Doi’s first fea- ture film, and one that he’ll forever cherish.
           Filming took place
in various locations throughout the summer
of 2019, including in Mex- ico.
        In a memorable scene from the movie Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, Reyn Doi sings the Barbara Streisand/Barry Gibb song Guilty while delivering newspapers. PHOTO COURTESY RICHARD FOREMAN JR. SMPSP/LIONSGATE
“One highlight (of this experience) would be the opening bike riding scene because that was my final day of shooting, and my
Grooming: Kimberly Bragalone, Exclusive Artists Styling: Meaghan O’Connor and Charlotte Harris
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